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Happy Jubjub Day!


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OMG! I like/love everything about all of them you posted. I'm not a big fan of JubJub's but any one of the above would qualify as CUTE! Seriously makes me want to have 1 of each of them. I can't even pick a favorite. I hope all you JubJub lovers are going to be happy and excited about these.

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I love when a certain kind of Color has 1 or a few Pets have a unique design rather than just a pattern, and this one could not be funnier! It literally is a marble! How neat!

The rose bush design is also very neat, I do like the circling butterflies and the eyes being roses as well, though the mouth does seem to stick out design-wise, it looks so cartoonish in the middle of what looks like a painting!!

And the 4 elemental designs (which I'm really happy about them being shown for more Pets!) are all very fun! Your Jubjub could sit in a pool of curly lava, bask in a wavy ocean, hide amongst a colorful garden, or sit atop a puffy cloud! And all the Colors they showed them with really do add to the charm, makes it feel like hide and seek hehe.

A marvelous day indeed, Jubjubs!

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I am not too big of a fan of all the items, they seem a bit obstructive, but the cloud and the grassy patch one are pretty darn cute!

I can't decide on the marble though! Could take the Feet-Be-Gone! and maybe find a BG that's on a shelf and have just have a round ball on a shelf! LOL

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10 hours ago, phoenixgal said:


Behold the Orb!

Unrealistic for me since I don't have any of the "Begone"s but I can admire it on DTI 🫠

The cloud surrounding Jubjub is my new favourite item ever! Bought a Cloud PB before it inflates.


This is really awesome! It looks nothing like a Neopet, but that makes it a very creative idea! I love the use of the cloud to make it look more mysterious.

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