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Best/Favorite Neopoint Wearables?

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"Best" is subjective, of course, but what are your top NP wearable picks? Some items just seem to rise above the rest in terms of quality, vibe, or the way they enhance your pet's customization. I think there are pretty evident quality tiers of NP wearable items, and while most new releases just keep getting better and more cohesive, there are still a few "old" gems from the last few years. What are your favorites?

I'm a fan of Trudys Head Wreath, Bubbles in the Lake, the Oasis Eyrie set, Jhudoras Dungeon Background, and the new Ceramic Artist Table Foreground and Ceramic Studio Background from Trudy's Surprise. I suppose the Faerielands Destruction Background is on up there too now that it's in circulation again.

I don't own the Breathtaking Night Sky background or Inside a Toy Claw Machine Background, but I WISH I did! This list is a great source for finding new-old (new to you) NP wearables. I really like the way it's organized.


UPDATED TO ADD: The Chomby Mushroom set has become a new favorite of mine, as have the Faerie Caverns Background and the new Illusen Wings! Like, holy COW those wings are nice. Cross your fingers that my TP offer is accepted on a pair soon 😅

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