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Gary Carpenter

Windows expired

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I've barely played so not really the right person to answer but for the games I did play I haven't had any problems.

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I managed to get in a game of YYB before midnight NST to rank up. Didn't get a window expiration error message.

Perhaps, are you looking at other windows/tabs at some point between starting a game and sending the score? That might have something to do with it. I mean, if you have the Fruit Machine spinning, or a wheel spinning and you go to another tab, it pauses until you return to that tab.

That's the only thing I can think of to suggest without having experienced the error you are talking about.

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10 hours ago, Gary Carpenter said:

Is anyone else have trouble getting their scores on the Altador Games to register. I keep getting a windows expired message

Could you give us more information as to what game(s) are giving you problems. Sometimes there's a captcha that fails to send and you need to refresh your game tab. That doesn't always fix the problem though. More information would be helpful. 馃檪

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I've been getting the same error as of late.聽 I've only been playing Yooyuball for this Cup, and at first I was able to submit scores as my account reflects 44 total goals currently, however recently every time I try to play and complete a game to submit the score I get the "Window Expired" error and nothing updates to my scores.聽 Lost out on about 46 goals in the past week due to this error.

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