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Happy Elephante Day!

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That Mosaic design is lovely. I do think much is going on though, so I don't think much customization is needed, aside from background stuff. But a beautiful look nonetheless!

And that Blacksmith outfit is really good! The headpiece and shirt look perfect, and of course the hammer does too!

A pleasant day for the Elephantes!

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The Mosaic design is gorgeous! A bit cluttered as GlitchtaleLover said, but that just means it doesn't need much accessorizing. It's very reminiscent of stained glass windows.

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The Mosaic Elephante is beautiful! I like that there is a consistent theme/pattern, though I do too agree that it can be a bit much. With that said, I feel like Mosaic is a colour meant to stand out rather than to be covered up with clothing.

The blacksmith outfit is really good, I like these outfits based on characters and look forward to which one they will do next. :D

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