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Item Code Redemption

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Well, I'm feeling really dumb.  Was trying to get The Faerie Acara book for my gallery, so I just paid a bunch of $ for a Kequest Faerie Acara Plushie with an unopened tag as a birthday gift to myself.  It finally got here!  Woooo-


-oh.  Oh no.

I guess at least I have another new Faerie Acara plushie?  Lol.  She's really cute and I love her a bunch, but I did mainly buy for the code. 


Is there any other way to redeem it??  I'm so bummed.  An old secondary page to redeem these that still works???  Can I just send in a ticket and get my code redeemed?  Or am I just out of luck and out of $ here?  

womp womp

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2 hours ago, berriganify said:


trying to send in a ticket definitely couldn't hurt!

also you could try reselling the plushie? probably for less than you paid if the tag's now opened, but it could help recoup some of your loss.

I do love Faerie Acaras though, I'm instantly attached to this lil guy, lol.  Seems smaller than the one already in my collection!  Definitely keeping my new friend haha.

I'll have to wait until I'm in a better mood to draft out a support ticket, lmao!

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