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Happy Cybunny Day!

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Mosaic is stunning! It would be a nightmare to customise, but it is stunning! I love the decorative hearts on the ruff!

4 hours ago, berriganify said:

ok i really love the mosaic cybunny, especially the eyes. do all the mosaic colours have tiled eyes? because that looks really cool

No, most of them seem to be plain colour eyes:






The Uni seems to be the only other species with tiles eyes


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I love that we got a deranged Topsi outfit! lol I don`t remember him having a sword, though. :P

The Mosaic Cybunny - I love the hearts on the mane, a very cute touch. I like the colours they`ve used, especially the blue shade looks beautiful, the only thing that bothers me are the circles around the eyes. The eye itself looks fine, I don`t mind it being tiled (it looks better on the Cybunny than it did on the Uni, in my opinion) there`s just something about the circles around the eyes that kind of change the features of the Cybunnies face... I don`t know. Overall I do like it though.

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