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Neopets taking me back to primary school!

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I've just answered the Daily Puzzle and I spotted the March artwork on the calendar...



They COMBINED the sack race with the egg and spoon race?!


What kind of monsters were Adam and Donna?!

I always hated sports day as I was never the fastest runner, and I'm completely non-competitive, the very thought of those two horrors melded into one is making me want to go hide in the girls' toilets. :laugh:

Are those of you who are not Brits wondering what I'm on about, or are these kind of races held in your country too?

What sports did you do at school? I was universally meh at all sports, apart from tennis, and the javelin, I enjoyed that and was quite good at it.

I like me a nice big pokey stick!  angrynegg.gifphysical.gif

But they didn't do it at the new school I went to after we moved, so no more of that, just netball and rounders, and like so many girls I don't think I ever managed to hit the ball in rounders... facepalm.gif

Did you like sports at school?


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1 hour ago, Angeló said:

I ran cross-country

Played football goalkeeper , handball goalkeeper and basketball

my nickname was "grasshopper" because i was small and fast 

hehe I played sports too, sorta, I was excellent at *score keeper*. Grasshopper, I like it!

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Sports day was my favorite day of the year! I loved it! I wasn't extremely good or anything but I just really liked it. In high school I was a decent distance runner because of riding my bike to school every day, even in bad weather. School was 11 km away from home so my overall stamina had gone up decently. I still like doing sports and being active. I did prefer single person sports compared to group things, with the exception of softball and a softer version of rugby. And although I'm pretty competitive I dislike competitions.

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15 hours ago, Duma said:

Sports day was my favorite day of the year! I loved it! I wasn't extremely good or anything but I just really liked it.

I'm jealous! I wonder if my basic dislike stemmed from the rather toxic shaming habits of British schools at that point. Far more likely to be told off for not being good enough, rather than encouraged. 😕

Gotta say I enjoyed the volleyball we learnt at my second secondary school, that was what we played on wet days and in the winter, a VAST improvement on the hockey at the first school, I detested that. Mostly because it was only played in the winter; nothing quite like being stuck outside in a little gym skirt and t-shirt, having to run around on rutted and frozen solid mud...

All character-building, right?! angrylawyerbot.gif

@Angeló saying about basketball reminds me of them trying to teach us that, oh my the confusion that ensued. x'D For girls who'd spent years playing netball, basketball was just so wrong, like: WHAT? You run with the ball?! But that's not allowed! 😮 


We used to do this run, it was kind of exciting as we got to leave the school, oh my gosh!! x'D I shall draw the route for you!


That long bit's along a narrow footpath on the bank of the river - a river that's a foot deep at best and a good pole vaulter could clear with ease - no worries about anyone falling in. x'D The crossed out part before we got back onto that path didn't exist at that point, the bigger bit was a field, and the smaller a little bit of woodland.

Oh and who's ahead of me with guessing what some people thought was a good idea...

Yup, takin' a cheeky shortcut through the allotments? You betcha! And was there a teacher lurking on the far side of 'em? That'd be a yes too. :lmaosmiley:



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We never had a sports day not exactly more like we just tried a lot of different things throughout gym no matter if it was elem, middle or high school...I'm thankful for that tbh I'm extremely bad at all sports!! Only things I liked to do were tennis, archery, volleyball & I didn't hate crab soccer altho I did get my shin torn up really good once upon a time from that. Def jealous that you got to leave school and run around that seems so fun we always got stuck running around the same areas that were almost always INSIDE :[ oh wait hockey that seems so fun wish we had that as an option or just other things in general but hey at least they ditched dodgeball after elem

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In my country we have a holiday for kids "Kid's day", so there usually is a specific day with lot's of new activities. In country cities I'm sure they can run around the block, but I live in a modestly big city and...we'd get at least two kids ran over, 5 with sprained ankles and a bunch would just give up in the first 2min and sit at the curb. Nonetheless, dodgeball was always a must, indoor running as well, and of course there HAS to be a soccer tournment. Sack race I've seen happening once in a while too! No eggs included for the sake of the cleaning personnel hahahaha


In my school years it was pretty much all the same from elementary to high school: gym teacher gives representative the keys to the gym lockeroom, everyone picks up the ball (read: sport) they want and spend the next 50min playing lol

I'm a weakling from the cradle, I don't think I have ever enjoyed theses classes. I mean, being run over by a bunch of boys 2x heavier than me on soccer? Being hit by a hard ball in my squanky arms during dodgeball? I've fractured my wrists 3x during fundamental school years, I don't think I need to say how much the thought of a volleyball touching my wrists is distressfull up to this day hahahaha ("kkkkkrying" as we say in Brasil). Teachers would see my crying face and send me to the grandstands were i'd write reports from time to time xD

I'm a good audience tho, need a cheer? I'm in as long as I can keep myself alway from the field. 🤣 Fav sport: truco.

P.S.: i haven't looked up so many vocabulary to write something since I graduated from english classes lol


On 3/18/2021 at 5:01 AM, elisa_rlyeh said:

In my school years it was pretty much all the same from elementary to high school: gym teacher gives representative the keys to the gym lockeroom, everyone picks up the ball (read: sport) they want and spend the next 50min playing lol

Can I post a link? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ-LgEy3IMI  a 14s actual footage of my highschool sports area, featuring one of the actual gym teachers. Let's notice all the students are gathered around the table tennis table HAHAHAHA 

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