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Happy Gelert Day!

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I love love love LOVE the Toy Gelert !! it's amazing .. perfect !! Just look at those cute springs !

The outfit is really nice too .. I'm sure Kadavyir will appreciate some vintage clothes 

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I love that toy Gelert colour! The strings really work brilliantly and I like how many joints it has.

I quite like the outfit, but I wish the hat and the wig were seperated. I like hats. I don't like wigs. Keep them apart please so I can use one without the other! I like the long jacket a lot though. It's really cool! 

They picked a weird colour to model it on though as the green tie looks like empty space on the green Gelert!

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OMG I loooove the Toy Gelert, they`re finally doing something with this colour! ❤️ It looks so cute!

The outfit is lovely as well, I appreciate that we get a female version of a scholar outfit. (Looking again, it could also be a male with long hair, yay for options!) I too wish the wig and hat were separate, I don`t mind some that are combined, but having the option to use any hat with any wig would be the best solution.

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