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I now have three Yooyu's for my gallery!

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I finally found a good deal on a Tyrannian Yooyu... I was originally looking at one for a pet, but have since decided on the far more expensive Darigan Candychan...

So I now have a cheap as chips Christmas Yooyu and a Snow and Tyrannian Yooyu that make the gallery more expensive at 49 items than my entire 560 strong collection of plushies!!!

But he is so cute!


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37 minutes ago, Angeló said:

I have a Red Yooyu and a Fire Yooyu in my SDB

They're not very expensive and I believe I bought them for more than they're worth now

I didn't realise that there were so many buyable Yooyu's! I seem to have gone for two of the most expensive to start off!! The Plushie, Red, Fire, Green, Blue and regular are all well below one million. 

The other expensive ones seem to be the Mutant at a whopping 11mil, Water at 3mil, Robot Yooyu at 25mil(!?), Faerie at 18.5mil, Darigan at 6mil.

I need to recuperate losses for a little while, but if you're interested in selling I'll buy at market price once I've made make the 3.4mil I just spent!

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