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So, About Ghoul Catchers...

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Has anyone else noticed that the game still works? I thought the servers would be shut down in December. But I made the usual amount of neopoints yesterday playing level one over and over. Don't know about the level awards though. I've gotten as far as I feel like trying for. 

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I've been playing it-especially since the Flash games are NOT available now. (I thought that they were working on this ever since most Internet Browsers announced that by Dec. 2020 they wouldn't carry Flash??? And the games on Beta mobile- :crying_anim: ). But I promised my mom-no more clicking on the "buy" button, so I flee as I try to get more Stars, as stupid as that is, and I am at 322 Stars. I wish they would give those of us who completed the game our last prizes-the Haunted Altador Amulet & Background. :grrr: 

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