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Happy Buzz Day!

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4 hours ago, berriganify said:

it means that the entire country of wales is on the virtupets space station. just a bad joke lol

That's pretty funny actually xD

4 hours ago, berriganify said:

that would be a cool gallery idea! probably very expensive, though, since most of those items are really, really old.

A pain in the bum to hunt the items down, too! You'd have to individually check them all on the item databases to know. 😧 Plus you'd be up against the scarcity issue because of their age... though, as he's shown us already, @Angeló's good at stuff like that!

Definitely a gallery guaranteed to cause you more pain than pleasure though? ^-^;; This purely hypothetical gallery had better win the spotlight trophy!!! xD

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I did think about starting such a gallery .. but I wanted to display images of the original items next to the new items (or when you hover over them) .. which isn't possible for me because of my non-existent coding skills ... but yes , the idea's still there :D and I would love to work with whoever starts such gallery ...

I had this item in my music galleryWow.. its one of those Diva Starz dolls!  Nikki is coolerific to the max!Nikki Diva Starz Doll ... who is one of Mattel's Diva Starz ... a Spice Girls knock-off 

 It was changed to  image.png not a musical item ... so I removed it ... it used to sell for 40k but now it's about 500NP


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Maractite is very hit-and-miss for me, there are a few that I like, but overall the colour itself is too busy and I don`t think it works that well with clothing. That said, I think the Buzz looks okay, I like the detail of the painted nails (on the feet) and I think the wings especially look lovely. Overall, though, the pattern and symbols are just too much for my liking, I don`t care for it covering the whole Neopet.

The outfit is based on the Sami people, a group of indengenous people living in Norway, Sweden and Finland. The outfit is their traditional wear, very colourful and made with natural materials - the shoes are seal skin. (The North huldra people in Frozen II are based on the Sami people).

TNT has made a similar outfit in the past, for Tuskaninnies, they`re very accurate! ❤️


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