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Hi all!

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I'm new to the forums, and I've mentioned my reasoning on my profile for being here.

Though, I don't mind saying here as well! I'm a mute with social anxiety, and during these tough times, being locked up in a house all day is making me feel insanely trapped. 

So, I thought why not try to conquer both with signing up to a forum, mostly when others share a same interest/love as you? (Neopets).


I'll try my best to reply to any ASAP, and thank you for having me here! 😌

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Hi, welcome! :D

Good for you for getting proactive with dealing with what life's throwing at you right now! I feel it's just no comfort at all to know that millions are in the same boat, no matter how much I tell myself this. 🥴

Neopets definitely offers an escape though. 😁

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44 minutes ago, jellysundae said:


Thank you! ^.^

It's been really tough, so just trying to find new ways to counteract these horrid feelings; my old methods aren't working anymore.

I totally agree with finding no comfort. >.< Really hoping this is over sooner than later. 

Neopets has been my escape again for awhile, even if I had to make a new account, but that's totally ok to me. 

Just happy to be back on Neopets! 

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Welcome! It's always nice to see people coming back to neopets for whatever reason. At the beginning of the Quarantine I made a post about it on facebook to try to get new people into it for something to do. Neopets gives hours of endless entertainment that I figure might be helpful to some. Feel free to friend me on neopets if you like. I'm always on, mostly in the mornings EST.

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Welcome to the forums! I'm glad you found the courage to make an account and post!

I too hope this pandemic will be under control soon enough. I just want things to go back to, at least semi, normal. I want my routines back, just like most people I suppose.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy neopets and this forum and will feel a little less trapped.

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4 hours ago, ClockNotWork said:


Neopets has been my go-to since my fathers passing. (Sorry to get semi personal).

It's something him and I bonded over, he always had an open-mind when I'd introduce him to things I liked. 

I've been using it even more now since the whole quarantine thing, and I'll be sure to add you in a short while! I'm PST at the moment, got trapped on the opposite coast akin to where I'm used to. Though; my sleeping schedule is quite whack. 😛 Thank you for the welcome!


3 hours ago, Duma said:


Thank you! It was a lil hard for me, and still trying my best to be more social! I found starting here would be best, since I know most of the community would be welcoming and nice.  ♥

I feel exactly the same, and it's not even in a selfish way, of course. We all want things to be normal, or as normal as they were. Thank you again for the kind welcome!


1 hour ago, alohadiscordia said:


Thank you! :3 

Gotta love social anxiety, always preventing us from doing what we really want to do a lot of the time. 😛

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