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Happy Uni Day!

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The Mosaic Uni looks like a piñata, or like this, but with a horn (and, maybe, more "upbeat"):


I think it is the eyes.

I do like the outfit. The wig needs a little help, as you can see the pink mane popping out, here and there, but it doesn't look too bad. And the clothes fit the body.

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Oh wow Mosaic looks really good, I love it! My first thought was that is seemed aquatic in inspiration, but thinking it over they probably thought of sky and wind, since Unis can fly. That makes more sense. :P I really love the blue tones, I do however wish that the eye looked "normal," and that they`d do something with the horn. It looks a bit strange for everything to be covered in mosaic tiles, but the horn is left alone. All in all I think it looks beautiful! I`m hoping they do something similar for the Mosaic Peophin in time. ❤️

I also love the outfit, super cute! The wig should restrict the mane completely (this is also a big problem with Peophins) but I like that it hides the horn, actually. The shirt and skirt are so cute, and I like that the whole outfit is simple and basic enough to work with different styles, you could go for a childish schoolgirl look or something more grown up depending on the overall customization.

A really solid pet day for Unis, thank you TNT! :D #faithrestored

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Is me disappointed? No. :lmaosmiley:

Do I have questions? Yes. :lmaosmiley:

Color I absolutely love those tones :heart: Like people mentioned, the eyes are looking weird. I'm sure that contacts such as Stormy Ombre Contacts (NC) will work on fixing it but as usual, NP customizers don't have many options. 
Another thing that I'd like to mention is the horn. I have no idea why it isn't mosaic as well... I mean, even the mane is mosaic so why not make the horn too? ? It's upsetting. 

For the fun, I've tried image.png.5cba8664191c544d9c787a7a4e3556fc.png


 Looks nice?! ?


Outfit Is incredibly cute! LOVE IT! The wig is cute but, obviously, no idea why it doesn't cover the mane. It makes no sense at all. ? 
I would add a bit more volume of hair though, would look waaaay better. It seems flat.

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The horn on the Mosaic Uni is really annoying to me

I want to believe it's a fluke , but Uni colors and horns have always been inconsistent 

for example Snow has a normal horn instead of snow one snow uniand the Grey isn't all grey grey uniso is Halloween a missed opportunity to make a firey horn !halloween uni but Biscuit is the worst biscuit uni

  Toy is only slightly changed color toy unialso Island island uni

Elderly Boy is so different from Elderly Girl elderlyboy unielderlygirl uni

however water unitransparent unipastel unimaractite unichocolate unistealthy uniwoodland unizombie uni all have matching horns

so as much I want to think it's a fluke that they'll fix , im not really sure they ever will .. but maybe if we all voiced our opinion like with the Transparent Peophin .... 

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Unfortunately, Unis horn's are complicated...

@Angeló as you said, there are colors (more recent ones) where the horns are adjusted to the color BUT that doesn't mean that they don't change the color. 

I reported this situation to TNT, via a ticket, 3 months ago and I quote:

I've noticed this bug for a couple of years now and since it's not fixed and it's happening quite often lately, I decided to write to you and hopefully, it'll be fixed as soon as possible. 
Around 4 years ago, I painted my Unis Faerie mostly because they'd have those adorable half-transparent pink wings and their horn would turn into a pastel blue, which harmonizes the blue color, instead of the yellow horn from the Blue Uni color as seen underneath:
I was very happy when I painted them and I was expecting them to keep their colors, like every other pets. 
Unfortunately, that was not the case. 
Quite often, and especially lately, their horns are yellows!
I'll send you pictures taken with few seconds apart for you to see that sometimes one of them has the horn yellow and the other has the normal color. Which makes no sense at all! 
Picture was taken from my userlookup: 
As you can see, my female Uni on that account is showing the yellow horn and the picture/link of my male Uni, on top of the picture, is showing the pastel blue horn. 
Picture was taken from my pet's lookup:
Here they're displaying their natural color. 
Pictures were taken from my petpage, which I turned into a portfolio: 
On my petpage they're displaying BOTH yellow horns. 
I would like it if you could take a look at this, as soon as possible, because it's a bit upsetting when you paint your pets to look a certain way and you see them altered completely randomly for random periods of time. 
Thank you in advance for your time,


To sum it up: my Uni horn's color is not yellow but from time to time it changes to yellow for random periods. 

And it's upsetting... ? 

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