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Can't find the Hunter; help?

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Just now, samid11 said:

Coordinates are






Last two will be in reply to the thread, picture limit




Can ANYONE see The Hunter in these?? I've been searching for hours, I have a pounding migraine, and I feel like quitting, but I've been through so much. This is my 2nd time completing the plot since my original account was deleted.


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2 hours ago, Kimoto47 said:

And the Sleeper? i'm looking for it too

Have you followed all steps here https://thedailyneopets.com/altador-plot/part3/? Make sure you click all the "continue" buttons. We do have a Constellation Finder tool that you can use here https://thedailyneopets.com/altador-plot/constellation-finder/

Hope this helps!

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Help. I have been searching for the Hunter for a week! Any helpful hints to find the cruel constellation that is hiding from me? I would add photos but it says I can't add them all because it is more than 512kb. 🥺

Edit: I have been using the constellation finder on here to help.

Edit2: SUCCESS! I was able to add the photos. Yay.

Star Chart Position 1-2.jpg

Star Chart Position 3-4.jpg

Star Chart Position 5-6.jpg

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Adding photos!
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