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Daily Dare Has Begun!

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9 hours ago, Nielo said:

I think you've (wisely) stayed off the neoboards, as there was actually a lot of confusion about the extension. The way they'd phrased it, it sounded like it was an extension for the entire DD, but it turned out to only apply to the 15the game (Carnival of Terror) as Neo was down for a bit that day (apparently). According to the boards, a handful of people did manage to play other games (mostly days 1-15), but most didn't, and quite a few people will now be getting a participation medal instead of a trophy, as they'd assumed they could use the extra day to finish some games. So communication on TNT's side could've been better. XD

(Though I am happy to see a message about the trophies/prizes. At least they're trying to improve their communication skills. XD)

I remember there was a glitch on that day, but it did get fixed so people were able to complete that challenge - this does of course depend on where you live, what time it was during the glitch, etc, but for my part, I completed everything on the day of release. I feel bad for the people affected by glitches and downtime who`ll be getting poor prizes due to not being able to finish in time. It`s understandable that they think the extension would apply to the whole event. Bad wording on TNT`s part, sadly.

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