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Call Me Crazy But...

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Awe cute doggie, rest in piece doggo, cannot believe I got marked as spam on this comment..

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@jellysundae I thought I'd update you on how the visit to the farm went. The day before we were planning to go out my husband called and told them about Kai. They were not all that pleased. Long story short, they didn't want Kai to come out because of their dogs in case there's a fight between them over the puppies and just dogs being dogs. Even though Kai has manners around other dogs and people and I don't expect he would have been aggressive in any way. My husband went out on Monday instead of Saturday like we thought. I stayed home with Kai and our youngest. He took our two older girls with him for the day. My husband was a bit leery about taking Kai out knowing that the momma was being really squirly and not socializing. He was also leery about taking the girls out but they were told the rules. A promise was made to them that when the pups' eyes opened they could go out and see them. We couldn't deny them that. I had a VERY quiet day at home, even though Kai got out of the yard like 4 times on me. Our youngest could have gone out too but she wouldn't have been interested in the puppies and she has to be watched like a hawk or she gets into things. So because I couldn't go out with everyone, she stayed with me and we watched Elena of Avalor ALL day. She would not let me change it or play my game for a while lol. Everyone had a good day so that's all that matters! Eventually the goal is to leave him at home with use of the doggy door. He'll have a doghouse outside too, but able to come in the house through his programmed collar. Kai can guard the house and yard when we're gone.

Kai has earned himself two nicknames lately: Houdini and Clumsy. One minute he's there and the next he's disappeared in the yard. When climbing and playing he'll often bowl himself over and do the butt over teakettle tumble. He did that tonight and just got up, shook himself off and pranced around like nothing happened. I was laughing incredibly hard as I watched him roll and get up unscathed.

Tonight we ordered him a fence system with a shock collar to train him to stay in the yard and stop trying to escape. I'm hoping it works and helps keep him contained. I also ordered him his very own name tag with our phone numbers on it. I have to get his dog license from the town this week. I don't really want to but in case he gets out of the yard and we don't catch him right away the license will keep us from getting fined. He's too inquisitive!

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That's a legit reason for them not wanting Kai there. But... a handy legit reason? Gosh I hate forming judgements about people I know so little about, but I can't help but wonder if a teensy bit of spite is involved because you didn't get one of their puppies... am I being unfair?

I guess you'll know if they ALWAYS find a reason for him to stay away.

I so wish we could bounce the way babies of any species can for our entire lives! That puppy tumble's just the cutest thing ever, isn't it!

Sounds like it's gonna be the perfect set up for him. He can play on the slide while you're out, too, lol! Until he's too big for it. 😅

I wonder then, once he's older, who will enable whom...

Will he get the girls running around and playing more; or will his breed's inclination to be lazy rub off on them... 😏

  • Send them all outside to play
  • After a while it's suspiciously quiet...
  • Find them ALL napping in the shade.


Oh, explain the license thing; do you not actually HAVE to get one then? They used to be mandatory in this country, but were abolished in '87. 🤷‍♀️ Don't understand that myself.

Oh, huh, here's a reason...


In England, Wales and Scotland, dog licensing was abolished in 1987. Prior to this dog licences were mandatory, but the requirement was widely ignored, with only about half of owners having one. The final rate for a dog licence was 37 pence, reduced from 37½p when the halfpenny was withdrawn in 1984. This figure was an exact conversion from 7/6 (seven shillings and sixpence) on decimalisation in 1971. The revenue went to local authorities. In 2016 it became a requirement that all dogs in England and Wales have a microchip;[7] Scottish legislation was also changed to make microchipping of dogs compulsory from 2016.[8]

Pretty ridiculous. 37p!

I wonder how many people ignore the chipping requirement instead now!

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It is a very legit reason and with how their Momma dog was I don't really blame them. We had a quiet day at home with the two older girls gone. I don't think they're upset about us not getting one of their puppies. I know they want to sell them but they understand that we also need to choose the right fit for our family and our lifestyle. Their puppies will be too high energy and need to be constantly stimulated and worked. Kai is laid back and lazy, which is perfect for us.

The puppy tumbles are quite funny for sure!

Took him for a walk this afternoon and he just about did a nose dive on the road because he stumbled getting off the curb to cross the street.

Usually if the kids are too quiet they're up to something and that requires a "What are you doing" check. We'll see as he gets older and out of the nipping stage how they'll all play together. They just have to stop being so scared of him and not be afraid to discipline him if he's biting.

The reasoning for the license here is to identify your dog by the tag on it's collar, where it was found, what breed it is etc. This way if your dog gets out of your yard and is picked up by bylaw or whomever you can be notified right away and given instructions where to pick up your dog and such. The license is $30 dollars February to December. January is the only month that it's $15 at least that's how it used to be. Basically if he's caught outside in the neighborhood without one we can be fined a significant amount that is more than the $30 for the tag. I'd rather pay the $30 than more money for a fine. We're going to attach it to his fence system collar so if he gets out he has that tag. On walks he doesn't really need one. He'll have his ID tag on his halter for walks. If I can put it on a clip thing to transfer it to his collar and halter I will so that no matter what he's wearing he's protected and we can't get fined. It's a pain in the rear but it has to be done.

I'm not sure how microchipping works if they need to be sedated or not. It's something I may look into. We could have gotten that done when he went in to be fixed, but we're leaving him intact.

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