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Refreshed Quest Request Perk warning

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The Charity Corner 2019 perk Refreshed Quest Request doesn't work the way I expected it to.  It's not all that bad, but I'm putting it out here so that others don't get surprised like I did.

I spent my points on the perk and it did indeed add the refresh option to my current quest, just like the Refreshed Quest Request boon does.  I didn't actually refresh that quest and was content to get 3 defense points.  The next day, I got an air faerie quest, and the refresh button was there, so I used it, and got a battle faerie quest (yay!). 

The next day, no refresh button.  Sadly, today I have no refresh button and had to do an air faerie quest (noooo!)

Returning to the perks list,  I now have a countdown to June 20th, and a new statement (in-bold) that says "Once bought, this perk can be used once and expires in 7 days."  I'm assuming I could buy the perk again after the countdown expires if I want to.

So...this perk lets you buy the ability to refresh one quest over a 7 day period.  I'd assumed it was the ability to refresh up to 7 quests over a 7 day period like the boon gives you, but clearly that is not the case.  It may or may not be worth it to you to spend 1,000 perk points for the one shot at a refresh, so plan accordingly.



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