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Sunbeam - First to Rise

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5 hours ago, lizardgutz420 said:

hi, i cant seem to get my mouse to pick up the link at The Restorative Tomb in order to activate the Sunbeam dialogue for the First to Rise constellation....

any tips?

It is a very, very tiny link, about the size of a pixel. Change the "zoom" of your browser to 300%, which makes the page/picture a lot larger. CTRL + (holding down the control key key, and hitting the "+" key) usually works for increasing the zoom, for most browsers, while CTRL - (holding down the control key and hitting the "minus" key) will make it decrease back to default. The "larger" picture makes it, somewhat, easier to find the "hidden" link. Move your cursor to the bottom, left corner of the picture -  the very, bottom left, where the left side of the picture meets the bottom of the picture - the very point to where those two lines meet. You will know you have it, when your cursor turns to the "hand" HTML link pointer. Once you have found the link and clicked on it, change your "zoom" back to normal, or 100%.

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