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Lyra and the Lost Heirloom: Lyra's Escape

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Who knows maybe they'll give out an avatar too? I hope so anyway because apart from the stamp and the few books there isn't going to be much else I want.

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I wonder how decent a weapon the scimitar will be...


As it's the last item I'm guessing it'll be the most costly, so probably no-one will have enough whatevers to get it, anyway. ?

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1 hour ago, petrified_mouse said:

once prize shop opens is it first come first served or does everyone get to choose from the whole collection? I've never made it to prize shop phase before ?

Everyone gets to choose out of everything but depending on your points gathered in the event/plot you'll be able to get more or more expensive items.

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What in the world happened with this plot? That was the worst story I've ever read, how'd it jump from Lyra escaping to Dacon?? Like who the heck is Dacon? How'd he get the sword from Lyra, what in the world is going on, and the plot is over? I didn't have time to finish the last achievement for the game. This is very, very upsetting. Yet another game problem for me this week, ugh, another mobile game I played started doing some stupid stuff too... rip me

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