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WHAT GIVES???!!! You thieving Yooyu Ball Rejects!!! You WON AC XV-but you had to take my One Hundred Dubloon Coin?!!!

NOT COOL!!!! So glad Kokariia wolfed down her Silver and Purple Doughnutfruits this morning before you came sneaking around.

REVENGE!!! blumaroo_cackle.gif I say KI should go plundering on Kiko Lake! Who's with me to get our pilfered items BACK???

techo_karate.gif  evil_techo_stealing.gif

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Well, it's a good thing Boochi's firing blanks... Harm isn't my current pet and was only recently painted Halloween. Although, my rage would have been indescribable if my actual active a Mutant Draik had been hit!!


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So, let me get this right...5 Pirakeets ...in a row... doesn't even rate 25 NP...bc it is the TOP row? :grrr:

This will teach me for coming to spin this Slot Machine with more NP than the Jackpot!:lmaosmiley:

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