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Daily Dare score being reviewed?

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i just did Lost City Lanes daily dare, took quite a few tries because i haven't played it before. When i got the score i needed, i sent my score and i got told it was being sent for review? I'm confused as to why and if they don't review my score before todays dd is over will it still be counted? or will i lose my progress for dd?

Do they think i cheated or something? My game was glitching a showing a full set of pins when i only had like 2 or 3 to knock down.

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3 minutes ago, lakecat said:

I don't know the answers to this, Jess. All I can do is say I'm sorry and hope it works out for you. I did notice a few small glitches while playing, like some brief visual lags. I'll be curious to see what happens and what others have to say.

i actually just got a neomail from the staff saying that my score has been approved, apparently its been happening to a lot of people scoring over 1290 :)

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I'm glad they resolved it already, but just in case it happens to someone else or in another game and it leaves people wondering:

I've heard that even if your score is being reviewed it will still count for DD and you'll get your checkmark and prizes. The NP you won will be rewarded with the review.

Being reviewed doesn't mean you cheated, every game has a cap, every score above that cap will go for review. If they deem the score legit it will go through. If it's high enough to get in a high score table or to get an avatar, you'll get that too after the review.

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