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Screamer Superpack for a Limited Time Only!

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To celebrate Halloween and make your pets spooky looking all year round, take a look at the Screamer Superpack. This Superpack contains 6 items that can be purchased separately and a bonus item. You can purchase this superpack for 800NC in the NC Mall until November 16, 2017. Screech on over to the NC Mall before it's too late!

Screamer Superpack

Regular Items:


Bonus Item:


To learn more about Superpacks, you guessed it, we have a guide for that!


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It's definitely creeptastic, isn't it! xD I'm guessing it will bring in a nice amount of revenue for TNT because a lot of people will like it.

Let's see what it does to my sweet and innocent girl...

medium_preview.png   medium_preview.png

Lol, complete transformation! Which makes it a good value for money set if you ask me. I didn't put the lipstick on her because to me the lippies look idiotic on most of the pets. But now, instead of looking sweet and innocent, she looks like a heroin addict!

So yeah, this set's not for me because I don't really do creepy customisations, but I can see a lot of people getting good mileage from it.

Though having said that, the background on its own, the moon really frames the pet nicely, doesn't it...*ponders*

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