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Looking to Advertise an Item to Buy or Sell?

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Been looking for a Handmade Mushroom Hat for a long time now. Need it for this avatar. I need other parts as well but can wait a bit longer on those. Need a morph potion and grey paint brush as well - a very far off goal of mine.


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Since this is pinned, I guess I'm not gravedigging...

I have a bunch of NC stuff from the current and previous ACs, plus others that I'd like to get rid of. If you're interested, ping or pm me and we can talk.

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5 hours ago, Sciurus carolinensis said:

Bought it and the聽Water Foam Hot Dog. Neither were in my gallery.聽

Thank You So Much聽馃檪

Your gallery is huge .. Are you trying to collect every food item in Neopia ?

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Hi All! I know my shop may not have something for everyone but I'm going to ask that everyone please go take a look. I can't get my closet to load because I have more than 1900 items in there and they put that 650 item limit on it. I didn't have problems loading it until these new site changes came about and I don't want to check that box so I only see 650 items. I'm greedy and I want it all or nothing! I didn't want to get rid of anything but I am going to get rid of stuff until I get to the point where the closet will load. A lot has been put into the SDB but I have decided to sell even more. Stuff I know I won't use. I can hold 950 items in my shop and as I sit in front of the computer if an item is sold I replace it with another. I price everything based on the SSW. I'm down to 1490 items in my closet and there is so much more it still won't load. So please have a look if you have time. If my link is wrong then try using granny63020. Thank you all so much!

P.S. The SDB is next!

I added new spaces to my shop. I can now display 1050 items and I have enough to keep it fully stocked for a while. Still adding items as they are sold (unless I am sleeping) lol. Anyway I would appreciate it if you come back and take a look often. I'm hoping you'll find something you like. I appreciate every purchase very much. Thanks in advance for visiting my shop! 馃槂

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@Angel贸I bought you a聽Haunted Mansion Jack-o-Lantern 1 Pack that you can use for Oct. 18th window to get the聽Neovian StyleBall Gown for my Music Gallery聽 but I forgot what your side's/Music Gallery's name is. could you neomail that name to me again?

I don't need any trade, I just need that name so I don't send it to your main but directly where it needs to go. 馃檪馃槈

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