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Faerie Cavern

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Apparently a new Cavern emerged from Fyora's Day on Faerieland. It's called Faerie Cavern, and all you must do is throw 400 NP 'for luck' (bah, now even the Faerie Queen wants taxes!) and try a quick combination to see what you get from it! Some prizes are already expected, such as wings, and the ol' known face of the pretty pink piggy, the Patamoose! (expected name from its Image url, https://images.neopets.com/items/patamoose_pink.gif) Also, you can only visit the cavern once per day.


So, what you've got today?


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Apparently the combination left let left left does nothing for me. XD (or however many lefts it is)

Darn it.

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I got this after left, right:



"You raise your torch to examine this room, causing the shadows of the vines to move. Your skin prickles as you attempt to convince your imagination that this room isn't crawling with Wadjets. It's just the shadow of the vines. It's just-- you lose your nerve and bolt out of the caverns."

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Finally! I got something today:


In the chest you find: 10,000 NP!

Luck~y! I've tried each day and still haven't gotten anything. xD

But if I got 10k, that would make up for the week of losing 400 NPs daily for no good reason. D; D; D;

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In the chest you find: 25000 NP!






A Faerie Paint Brush!!




I picked "right" for every direction, but I do that everyday. Apparently it's random.

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You gasp as you enter a room lit with candles. You've found the treasure! :O


794 NP!


oh yes , quite a treasure indeed <_<


but it's the first time I ever won anything from it since it opened


I went all Left

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Hmmm I was about ready to give up on this daily before I read this. I won a little over 1.000 one day but I've spent more on it than that. But the possibility of a Faerie Paint Brush? I'll keep it up.


My fate today:


"You enter a small chamber and gasp at the beautiful stalagmites... or are they stalactites? You can't seem to recall. You spend so much time trying to remember that you barely have time to escape the cave before your torch burns out."

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You stumble in the darkness and trip over a rock, stubbing your toe. You jump up and down on one foot, muttering your grievances at the cave before retreating for the day.


i think i'm not fast enough, only thing i did was right :*

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