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The Lab Rays: What happened today?


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The ray is fired at a_electricity_m_a... lab_lightning.gif aisha_blue_sad.gif

                                                                                   ... and she changes colour to Snow!!

Dang, RAY! I wanted a cool color-NOT ICE COLD SNOW!🥺 Don't cry, Ms. electricity, your tears will just be ice cubes!:laughingsmiley:

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17 hours ago, berriganify said:

@Angeló Is that a tyrannian babaa? It's so cool!

Yes it is .. I want one of those for real :D


Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.

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The ray is fired at Toysaur...


lab_lightning.gif kougra_snow_sad.gif

... and she changes colour to Sketch!!

Snow and Sketch are almost identicalimage.png.3a6bafdba3ae6166b9c9de9dde884348.png


I now have two Mutant Walking Carpets on the same account ... what are the odds of that ?!!!

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The ray is fired at __Ms_Chocolate__...


lab_lightning.gif kyrii_stealthy_sad.gif


... and she changes colour to Water!!

Now I have two... again. :D This is the problem with having so many kyriis. Every colour zap I get, I'm like... I already have that one.

The ray is fired at cocoapuff99...


... and she changes into a Blue Grarrl!!

And that's me down to my last morphing potion. Edit: And oof, they've inflated from 20k to 100k. Guess after I use the next one that's another pet going on the indefinite back burner. :unsure:

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69F3A656-AF75-466D-A0FA-53C201ED8703.jpegI didn't read that right the first time I read your colour change...I thought it was PASTE! not Pastel bc I confused the (L) to be a ! and I was going to ask @Angeló wait, there is a new color called PASTE? Ewww!🤣

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