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The Lab Rays: What happened today?


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1 hour ago, Alily said:

How does that work? Sorry back from a hiatus after years so my neohead is mush!

Forgot to screenshot but mine just changed gender today聽馃檭

You can have a lab on each account, and you can have 5 accounts, so up to five rays! I have 2, and I'm just waiting for the map redemption to be fixed so I can get my third :P

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Ahhh that makes sense! Thank you for explaining and now I don鈥檛 feel as bad for only getting movement and defence points!!

Hee hee hee!

The ray is fired atTedstail...

lab_lightning.gif gelert_green_sad.gif

... and she changes colour to Orange!!

Wooo something actually happened!

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Oh.聽 Um.聽 HECK.聽 Um.聽 Well then.聽 Looks like I might need a new lab pet, because while I typically don't like mutants (and this poor former grundo has been through a lot of transformations lately, lol.聽 Nimmo, including mutant, skeith, then grarrl, now this) this one is kinda neat and sorta looks like a dragon.聽 HUH.聽 Would be a bit nicer with a forked tongue, but you take what you can get, eh?聽 Wonder if NC is gonna be on sale for black friday this year so I could grab a couple extra pet slots >_>聽聽

No description available.


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The ray is fired at A70M...

lab_lightning.gif zafara_red_sad.gif

... and she changes colour to Pastel!!

That is the furthest thing from robot that I can think of, but it is the first colour change on this pet!

Also I managed to snag a few zafara morphing potions for around ~400k each so I am set for at least a couple of species changes. Lets just hope they aren't TOO often 馃

La dee daa let's go zap cocoapuff....

The ray is fired at cocoapuff99...

lab_lightning.gif vandagyre_yellow_sad.gif

... and she changes colour to Robot!!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME :crying_anim:

EDIT: AND I got a Custard petpet on the pet that I specifically want a GOLD petpet on. The lab is just TAUNTING me today.

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The ray is fired at A70M...

lab_lightning.gif zafara_pastel_sad.gif

... and she changes colour to Camouflage!!

Not bad.

And I'm bummed enough about cocoapuff99 zapping robot that I decided to swap her and zap Hryngnar instead. Mainly because the Ice colour I want fro him is a leeeetle more exclusive than the chocolate for cocoapuff. There is always the rare chance of a FFQ, after all.

The ray is fired at Hryngnar...

lab_lightning.gif vandagyre_blue_sad.gif

... and he gains 5 maximum hit points!!!!

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