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What do you want to have in the prize shop?

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This question suddenly pops up in my mind when I was playing yyb, besides the paint brushes that many of you would want, I would really want the HW jersey because it really matches my shoyru's colour...

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Ya a yooyuball would be great but not a Darigan one...

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I want a Draik Egg, but since Meridell is out, nope :(

Currently I'm looking for a Royal and Shadow PB, though Shadow is probably not findable at the moment.


So...Out of the top 4 my list is

Royal PB


Books which overinflate

MSN cap :P

Altador Cup Plushies

Altador Drinking Cup

I also wanted either Darigan or Mutant Hissi or a Shadow Draik, but that's impossible now...


but perhaps, next year?

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Prizes aren't free, they're like NP. You spend your time.


True, but look at ROS and AC3.


Completing all the regular steps in ROS (which don't take that much time) basically gets you enough points for Ylanas Blaster, which is an excellent weapon and sells for a lot.


In AC3, you put in twice as much time (or more), and you either get barely enough points for what you want (unless you're like Krawk Islander XD) or not enough at all. And with the exception of the books and Yooyu, I don't see the prizes being great.




ROS = Kass Basher

AC3 = Hubrid's Hero Heist with horrible NP ratio.




So to answer (and not answer) the question, I would have liked a Paintbrush or some more "expensive" Plushies and toys (better than those cheap flying discs). But what I REALLY would have liked were to have the items cost less points. XD

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like everyone, i would have wanted a paint brush, but i wasn't that disappointed with the prizes since this was the first year i played. i actually thought they were pretty "good," heh. i guess ac 2 players were just spoiled. :P

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