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TDN Constellation Finder, Spellbook Finder and Healing the Vaeolus Guide

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Hello everybody!


Did you know that The Daily Neopets now has a Constellation Finder, a Spellbook Finder and a Healing the Vaeolus Guide? These 3 tools will be really helpful to you if you are trying to finish the Altador Plot!


Constellation Finder



Get your star data, copy it all (CTRL + A, then CTRL + C) and paste it in our finder (CTRL + V). Our finder will tell you the coordinates of each of your constellation.


Spellbook Finder



Get the coordinate of your Sleeper constellation (see above explanation about how to find your constellations), input them in our finder and we will tell you in which room you have to look to find your spellbook.


Healing the Vaeolus Guide



If you can't figure how to heal the petpet, have a look at our comprehensive guide! Everything that you need to know is written there. Remember, you have to perform 10 correct actions in order to cure the Vaeolus.

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