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Found 13 results

  1. You can choose your teams now This will be my first Altador Cup and I'm actually excited to see what all the buzz is about. I have no history or knowledge on how any of this works other than this being a Neopets equivalent to the world cup. I look forward to seeing the poll results and predictions/brackets. Happy Blitzbal--I mean, Yooyuballing!
  2. I was just wondering when the next cup starts?
  3. Help! I cleared my browsing history and now cannot access my telescope to find the Gatherer constellation. The telescope screen will not even appear when I go to the observatory. How do I fix this?
  4. I'm having so much trouble with the Spellbook portion of the Altador Plot. I've tried using the Daily Neopets spell book finder, and a ton of others and I've gotten different coordinates so many times. TDN said that my coordinates were 9, 84, another site said they were 9, 12 and another said that they were 8, 13. I've searched all of these rooms 10 times over and I still can't find it. My Sleeper coordinates are: (-40, 44) (0,14) (40, -16) (80, -16) (120, 14) (160, 44) If anyone can help me figure this out I will be completely indebted to you. Please Help!
  5. I've gone through the forums and read all the other topics about this problem and I tried all the suggestions and still nothing helped. I've gone through the books more than 3 times. I even went back a couple of steps and still nothing. I'm wondering if it's still possible to complete the plot or if anyone has any ideas that could help. I've used the walkthrough from this site and followed it step by step. My sleeper coordinates are (-207, 272) (-167, 242) (-127, 212) (-87, 212) (-42, 242) (-7, 272) I used the altador plot spellbook finder that was linked in the walkthrough and I got 16, 12 I have checked and rechecked to make sure I had the right link. I even switched the coordinates to 12, 16 and still nothing. Any help, tips, advice would be really helpful.
  6. [The studio. Midtime and Matt are present.] Greetings, one, and greetings, all! It's been an excellent one day (and no more than that) on the pitch, and I and Matt are very glad to tell you all about the results which we have both been so diligent in collecting. I, for example, most certainly did not spend the entirety of yesterday finalising a detailed dissertation on Matt's use of witchcraft to predict future Cup match-ups and their results, only to discover at the last moment that he was in fact employing the far more obscure art of statistical analysis. Let us proceed promptly to the Alabriss results. The Magmas unfortunately could not weather the Lost Desert heat, falling to another fateful sweep in a brutal game of somewhat backwards wordplay. Although commentators expected no less from the Mummies, captain Leera Heggle was heard to call it a "doozie of a match", nodding in a complimentary fashion to the Moltara team - in context, I presume that he meant they were a hardy opponent. The term 'doozie' probably alludes to a Lost Desert proverb about a flower that survives against the elements. [An intern hands Midtime a sheet of paper.] Ah, it appears my supervisor had this delivered just in time to inform me that I am dead wrong. I am informed that 'doozie' is not regionally specific, and is in fact a widespread slang term which I have heard, and in fact used, several times within the past hour. I have somehow managed to forget this, a probable occurrence which my supervisor foresaw just in time to send this despatch. My supervisor hopes that they are not too late to prevent me from embarrassing myself on live television. How thoughtful! My supervisor would also like me to get back on topic. How did - um, never mind. In a much friendlier re-enactment of an ancient rivalry, Meridell soundly trumped the Minions in the second sweep of a day that would turn out to have many more. The Knights have done well for themselves throughout the Cup, even taking the occasional win from the powerhouses of the season; it seems they are aiming to end their part in this year's games in a most memorable fashion. The Zombies, meanwhile, had trouble recreating their previous success against Kiko Lake, who are still first in the running to take home the Cup. Locked into the same bracket as the Kikos, the Mummies, and the Knights, Team Haunted Woods may have a difficult time gathering themselves for a last hurrah before the end of the season. Meanwhile - in the Minitheus Bracket, Maraqua scored a definite win against their symbolic nemeses from Krawk Island, taking all but one of the events. The Pirates kept themselves from a sweep with a well-staffed slushie service and a serendipitous flavour, which is likely to outlast this year's Cup and be repackaged as something with a higher price tag, advertisements for which will be briefly seen on this channel as the product enjoys a brief burst of popularity before fading into disuse, protected from public repossession by a patent meaninglessly renewed for centuries by a company which, if it were a living creature, would be seen to treat everything around it with envy and fear. If Maraqua make a good push, they may yet make it into the single-digit rankings. What an exciting two days it will be for them! Team Virtupets made a series of remarkable saves against the Ninjas, earning their victory ultimately by virtue of penalty shots. The results met great cheering from their half of the stadium, while Shenkuu fans had victory in only one category - refreshments - to celebrate. Team Tyrannia broke Mystery Island's winning streak to continue their own, sweeping the Natives entirely off the field. Unlike yesterday, their cheering teams came through in ensuring their victory - good news for the Fossils, who will need every last point they can score to hold on to the podium. It seems that the spirit of the blue Techo is with them today. That covers the Minitheus bracket! How fortunate that I was able to avoid any irrelevant tangents while reporting. Matt will now provide the Vaeolus results. [The feed shifts to Matt. Midtime is still in-frame, but under subtle directions from a cameraperson, scoots gingerly away to the right.] Thanks Midtime! Was I glad to see you! I thought you and Brooke ditched me to go out and have fun...I mean...I was worried about you both! Uhhh anyways, let's get straight into the results from the Vaeolus Bracket. The Suns were victorious in today's match between the two underdogs. Although the Faeries came close in Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown, the Suns' Yooyu-slinging skills proved to be too much for the Faeries to handle. Altador walks away with their second sweep of the tournament, and a well deserved one if I may add. Salayne Ritad, Altador's goalkeeper defended the goal down to the last second, preventing the Faeries' offense from scoring crucial points needed to win the game. On the other hand, forwards Foltaggio and Winberto Seliz broke through the Faeries' defense and scored excellent goals, propelling Altador to win their match. The Suns are up against Kreludor in today's match, but if they can continue playing at this level, they stand a fighting chance! The Chillers were able to quell doubts about their side games skills as Brightvale was swept by the Chillers in today's match. In addition to averaging 7's in the side games, the Chillers went on to take Yooyuball as well, completing the sweep. This marks the third straight sweep for the Wizards. With only two days of gameplay left remaining in this tournament, the Wizards will need to regroup and figure out a way to finish the tournament on a high note. Their match against Faerieland today might just be the opportunity they're looking for. For the last matchup of the Vaeolus Bracket, the Rooligans were able to make a successful push to prevent a sweep today against the Moons. Kreludor wasn't able to finish the job today as they allowed the sweep to fall right through their hands. It was a difficult match for the Rooligans, but in the end they were able to tie in Slushie Slinger which is not an easy feat to accomplish when you're up against a podium contender. The Moons were able to take the rest of the games as expected, but my guess is that Roo Island will be celebrating tonight! Now let's move on. For today's matches to watch, upper tiered teams Lost Desert and Meridell will be facing off against each other today! This match will definitely be a close one, and the winner will likely be whoever is able to take Yooyuball. Both teams are predicted to win two games apiece, therefore, the games that each team wins are vital in determining the winner. Maraqua and Shenkuu will also be going against each other today. The Ninjas might be able to pull off a draw in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger which would end their losing streak. Will the Ninjas be able to pull off this daunting task? The Robots and Natives will be battling it out on the field today in what is predicted to be a very close match. If either the Robots or the Natives are able to take Yooyuball or Slushie Slinger, the outcome of the match will likely change. There's only two days left until the winner of the Altador Cup is announced! Stay tuned as we bring you the latest coverage. This is Matt signing off. Obligatory disclaimer: This news report was written to inform you all of the latest Altador Cup results in as entertaining a manner as possible. The rest of its content is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free listing of the day's results, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. Please note that the opinions formulated in this report are from a full team of different reporters, and in no way represent the views of only a single faction. If you're looking for 100% unbiased performance data, take a look at our standings page. If professional analysis tickles your fancy, you want our predictions pages (global/daily).
  7. It's that time again, people! So, sit on down and get settled, grab some popcorn and your 4D goggles, and get ready for the AC X report! This is Brooke, reporting from The Daily Neopets' studio. The whole team is back and ready to give you the facts. Onward, to the Alabracket! Faerieland started us off today with an impressive (for them) showing against the Lost Desert. The Mummies have stood tall against all but the strongest, top-tier teams this year, and they showed their prowess in Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. But when it came to the Yooyuball field, the Faeries gave them a run for their money, forcing a draw. Spurred by this encouraging result, the Faeries went on to snatch a surprising win in the slushie tents! This is their first win and best overall day of the bracket so far. Next up, the Chillers and the Pirates clashed on the field. The brooms were back, if in smaller number, as Terror Mountain quite thoroughly swept Krawk Island with reckless abandon! The Chillers have been rather quiet this year, but they've also kind of been kicking butt, and currently sit in fifth place, tantalizingly close to a coveted podium spot. The Pirates, meanwhile, are tied with the Darigan Citadel in eighth, which is a really weird word to see in print. Closing out the Alabriss bracket was the match between Mystery Island and Meridell. The fans of the Knights ran roughshod over those of the Natives, winning Make Some Noise by a landslide. They took Slushie Slinger as well, but were less fortunate in the remaining two events, where the Natives pulled off a tie in each. Annnd that's it for the Alabriss bracket! I'll turn things over to Midtime for the Minitheus. How are things with you, Midtime? [Midtime smiles politely, then holds the smile rigid for a few seconds, apparently panicking.] Um, yes! That is to say, perfectly sanguine. Quite lackadaisical. Ahem. Let us then wend our way into the scintillatingly discombobulated Minitheus parenthesis. The matches hereto have not been to floccinaucinihilipilificate at, and these are no different! They have been infernal - incinerating - highly diabatic! Oyez! The news to be anon delivered will have all the discombobulating impact of an iron stang or miraculously acierated newspaper roll! It will be more than copacetic, the antipode of defenestrable, positively individual! It will be as remarkable as the name of the famous hill Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaur- wait. Did I use 'discombobulate' twice? I think I did! Twice in three sentences, no less. Good grief. Expanding my vocabulary isn't as useful as I thought it would be. Recovering gracefully from their eclipse at the hands of Team Kreludor, the Suns controlled the Yooyuball field today to great effect, beating the Magmas twofold in the main event, and claiming the shootouts for themselves as well. Moltara's accomplishments were all in the grandstand: the turnout among their supporters was extraordinary, carrying them to victory in the cheering and slushie categories. The captains of the two teams, Remis and Beign, exchanged cordial greetings during the post-match formalities, a sharp contrast to the tension of the game itself. Although it would of course be intrusive to pry into their personal affairs without a professional hand involved, it is well-known that they are quite closely acquainted, having been seen with each other several evenings in the days leading up to the Cup; that they have a common interest in hair styling, which they engage in together at least every other month; that Beign has a rice husk stuck just behind his left canine, not visible to frontal photographs; and that both of them share a mysterious aversion to visible surveillance cameras, at least when they are - oh, I'm rambling! I'd better not do that; the last time it happened my supervisor picked up my bugging remote from my jacket pocket, dropped it on the floor, and ground it thoroughly to pieces with the point of their heel in a most unfortunate bout of absent-mindedness. I can't seem to get my hands on a replacement. On to the next matchup, then! The Zombies were faced with another rough match today: the Moons, as light on their feet as always, withheld no display of prowess against them, and try as they might, the Woods team stood little chance. Fans of the Moons have been far more than excited this year to see their favourites climbing back to the top - something which their extraordinary Make Some Noise score might well attest to - and if they continue with these sweeps, they may yet see an opportunity to close that three-point gap and claim first place from the powerhouse that is Kiko Lake. The Zombies, in the meantime, would be the last to resign themselves to the legendary Cup Curse. As captain Krell Vitor said to interviewers after today's match ended, "You're ignoring one fact: we have fought through this before. This time we will be faster." The Fossils, not to be outdone by the team that battled them to a perfect draw at the beginning of this round, put a neat stop to the Robots' promising Round Four record with yet another devastating sweep. This is a heavy blow for the Robots, who have been striving to climb out of the lower half of the rankings as the final week of the season approaches - but then, they are no strangers to heavy blows. Perhaps they will rebound tomorrow; perhaps their finishing place will be something to cheer about, after all. With the Minitheus bracket outcomes of the day thus tintinnabulated, or at least tabulated, it is about the proper time to put you through to Matt for the concluding set of results. Matt? [The feed switches to Matt, but only after about a quarter of a minute. He is already talking when it does.] -fter their rude wake up call in the match against Brightvale, the Kikos took no guff as they showed spectators that they are determined to win this year's Cup. The Kikos have dropped the playful attitude and unfortunately, the Rooligans were on the receiving end of this beatdown today. The Rooligans' push in Yooyuball was not enough today as the Kikos dominated all of the games with wide gaps. With only a few more days until the fourth round ends, the Kikos will be looking to solidify their position as the frontrunner to win the tournament. Brightvale produced results yet again in today's matchup against the Ninjas. Although the Ninjas gave their best effort, they couldn't prevent the Wizards from sweeping them. The Wizards have been doing well in the fourth bracket, stopping the Kikos' winning streak while also defeating the Ninjas and the Mermaids. It's a surprise to many that the Wizards are still ranked sixth place in the bracket despite accomplishing these amazing feats. Brightvale only has one more day before the bracket ends. Will they be able to make a push to rise in the rankings? Wrapping up the results of the Vaeolus Bracket today, the battle between sky and sea ended in an overwhelming victory for the Mermaids. Although the Minions fought valiantly, the Mermaids proved they had the superior yooyu-slinging skills and fan base in today's matchup taking victories in Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. The Minions were barely able to escape a sweep by drawing with the Mermaids in Slushie Slinger. Will the Mermaids be able to overtake the Minions in the bracket standings? Now let's move on to our interesting matches for the day. Darigan Citadel and Brightvale will be facing off against each other for the first time in this year's Cup. It is sure to be a close one as both teams are expected to take victories in two games apiece! The Wizards were able to end the Kikos' winning streak. Will they continue to surprise spectators? Matches between the underdogs of the tournament will be occurring in today's matches. Faerieland and Mystery Island as well as Haunted Woods and Moltara will all be fighting to rise from the bottom of the pack. Mystery Island and Moltara are predicted to win in their respective matchups, but will the unwavering spirit of the Faeries and the Zombies be enough to overcome these two teams? In our last matchup, the surprising upper tier teams of this tournament will be going head to head today as well. Both Lost Desert and Terror Mountain tied for thirteenth place in last year's Cup, and now they have a fighting chance to be on the podium. Although Terror Mountain is predicted to win the overall match, the Mummies will definitely put up a strong fight. That wraps up today's report! We'll see you all tomorrow for the final results of the fourth round! This is Matt, signing off. Obligatory disclaimer: This news report was written to inform you all of the latest Altador Cup results in as entertaining a manner as possible. The rest of its content is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free listing of the day's results, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. Please note that the opinions formulated in this report are from a full team of different reporters, and in no way represent the views of only a single faction. If you're looking for 100% unbiased performance data, take a look at our standings page. If professional analysis tickles your fancy, you want our predictions pages (global/daily).
  8. It's time to buckle down, friends, as we head into the fourth round of the tenth Altador Cup! And by "time to buckle down" I mean "time to work your fingers to the bone or risk feeling vaguely guilty for not contributing more!" This is Brooke, reporting from The Daily Neopets' studio, and I'm feeling rejuvenated after our day of rest, and excited to bring you the results of the Alabriss bracket! Here's hoping you found the bye day as relaxing as I did. The fourth round of the cup got off to an exciting start as the Meridell Knights went up against the Lost Desert Mummies. The Knights haven't been having the most stellar year, but they managed to keep their heads above water and avoid being completely swept by a team that's swept all but the best. The Mummies' third place standing is still secure for the moment, as they held onto three of the four events of the day. But if they allow Meridell's Make Some Noise triumph to shake their confidence, they might just lose their grip on the podium. [There is suddenly a great kerfuffle as Brooke notices something in her notes, goes completely white in the face, and sprints from the room. An awkward silence descends for several minutes, punctuated only by the muffled sounds of a hurried argument from beyond the view of the camera. Eventually, the reporter strides back into the room, quite calm, and resumes her spot at the desk.] I have just realized that this is not the final round of the Cup. There is, in fact, a fifth round after this one. I've been mistakenly operating under the notion that this round was the last and I'd finally be able to rest my fingers. From writing reports. And... never mind. Let's get on with this. I need to go rearrange some plans. Islands Mystery and Krawk went head-to-head today, the Pirates took the penalty shots, the Natives took Yooyuball and and the slushies, and their fans were equally as enthusiastic resulting in an MSN draw. Annnnd the Terror Mountain Chillers swept the Faerieland Faeries. Hooray for Chillers. And I'm off. Midtime's next. [Brooke pulls a day planner from her stack of notes and wanders off, mumbling frantically under her breath and scribbling all over the planner. Midtime hurries into view just moments after she leaves, and takes their seat at the desk, quickly scanning the papers in front of them.] I'm terribly sorry! I was looking for my - ah, sorry, I'll get on with it. The teams in the Minitheus bracket have decided it is time to buckle down as we head into this Cup's fourth round! [Frantic whispering.] What do you mean, 'Brooke already -' oh. [Midtime stares down at their notes for several seconds.] Well, I don't see it. Still - [They slip the papers under the table.] - we're always better safe than sorry. I'll improvise. Anyway - the bracket began with a tense match between the fiery vitality of the Robots and the single-minded efficiency of the Magmas! Although the Magmas claimed victory at the slushie stands and among the crowd, Team Virtupets emerged narrowly but definitely the better on the field, thus earning greater accolades overall. Among fans, sentiments have been surprisingly fierce, though the spirit of sportsmanship still prevails. As we are now far into the second half of the Cup, it becomes imperative for both teams to seize the chances at glory that remain. Teams Tyrannia and Kreludor, both heavyweights of the season, must have felt the same pressure to succeed: they are separated by only two places, and a single loss could have decided which team will ultimately take a place on the podium. The Fossils played well, and the Moons fought hard; but they drew on the Yooyuball field, and their fans drew in the grandstands, and though Kreludor made the most extraordinary penalty shots, Tyrannia's slushies were so widely consumed among the audience that from one side of the stadium you could see their colours dominating the other. When the final whistle was blown, neither team had the victory they coveted. The Fossils are still two points short of third place, and the Moons are still three points short of taking the Cup home. Whatever the result should be for these contenders - already the best of the best - we wish them good luck. May the spirit of the Cup prevail. The Suns began this round auspiciously, crushing the Zombies soundly in every category. While no team that has qualified for the international Cup is to be easily dismissed, analysts say the Suns' consistency and coordination was of a rare calibre today. This is a moment "Trapper" Remis and his team may well agonise over for the rest of the off-season: what was different, this time? How can they make it happen again? It is the fourth round, and the Suns have just had their first sweep of the season. Let it not be their last! And let me conclude this bracket with a message to you, dear viewers. Do not be discouraged. You have watched; if you have watched, you have played. Your efforts are not without reward. Your games are not without goals. Your outcomes contain victories. If you have watched, you have played; if you have played, these victories - and these losses - are yours to claim. Your team thanks you for watching. They are playing for you. If you have watched, you have played; if you have played, it has been a good game. This has been the Minitheus bracket! Matt will give us the Vaeolus. Matt? [The camera focuses on Matt.] Alright, thank you! I'm back in the studio with my lovely co-hosts, ready to report the results of the Vaeolus Bracket. The fourth round started off with plenty of sweeps, so let's get straight into the results. Kiko Lake continues to dominate this year's Cup as they pull off yet another overwhelming sweep. The Minions fell victim to the Kikos in today's match as the Kikos dictated the pace of the entire match. Although the Kikos' scores have been dropping lately, one to two points seems to make no difference when they're sweeping their opponents with deficits of ten to twenty points. It seems as if no team stands a chance against the Kikos. Will they be able to run away with the Cup this easily? The Minions on the other hand need to get their act together. As it stands, the Minions are in danger of finishing eighth place, the lowest ever for this once mighty team. Darigan Citadel should take this defeat as a learning experience and use this as the first stepping stone to propel them to the top where they belong. The Mermaids were also able to pull off a clean sweep in their match against Shenkuu today. Although the Ninjas performed well in Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown, they were no match for the Mermaids today as wave upon wave of force pummeled the Ninjas into submission. Maraqua has gotten off to a fantastic start in this bracket, but the question remains. Can they keep up this momentum? The Ninjas will be looking to rally together and focus as they head into their next match against the Kikos. Luck has not been on the Ninjas' side this round as they will definitely struggle against the undefeated Kikos. Now moving on from that ominous feeling, the jolly Rooligans were...not as jolly today as Brightvale was able to demonstrate their yooyu-slinging prowess in today's matchup. With victories in Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown, the Rooligans had no option but to take the remaining games. However, to make matters worse, the Wizards were able to tie in Slushie Slinger. This excellent result is not without sacrifice however as the Wizards jumped ship and abandoned the SS Make Some Noise as they scored a meager one, allowing the Rooligans to finally have a small taste of victory. This give-and-take strategy seems to be quite effective, especially when lower tiered underdog teams face off against strong upper tier contenders. Will we be able to see more of this strategy be put to use in upcoming matches? Moving on, spectators will be delighted to know that there will be plenty of interesting matches to watch in today's match ups. In our first match, Meridell and Terror Mountain face off against each other today. Both teams are serious contenders for an upper tier finish. Terror Mountain is the favorite in this matchup, but will the Knights be able to pull off an upset with victories in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger? Another close match will be between mid tier teams Maraqua and Brightvale. It'll be a close match today as both teams are predicted to win two games apiece. If that's the case, the team that wins in Yooyuball will have the advantage in the overall results of the day's match. Our last interesting matchup is between Darigan Citadel and Roo Island. Both former champions have not been at their prime. Will this match serve as a wake up call to both teams? The overall victor of this matchup will be determined by one or two side game victories. A definite nail biter indeed! That wraps up our report! This is Matt signing off. Obligatory disclaimer: This news report was written to inform you all of the latest Altador Cup results in as entertaining a manner as possible. The rest of its content is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free listing of the day's results, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. Please note that the opinions formulated in this report are from a full team of different reporters, and in no way represent the views of only a single faction. If you're looking for 100% unbiased performance data, take a look at our standings page. If professional analysis tickles your fancy, you want our predictions pages (global/daily).
  9. Rosie4evr


    So I just finished the water plant and I'm trying to find the next constellation. I've read a walkthrough and it says I have to find the necklace again. Problem is idk how to get back there. I've tried getting there from the quarry but I can't get over the wall again.
  10. Hey guys I'm really confused about yyb game caps. My team is telling me that the game max is 68 games(wins) but I think on the game guide it says 300 games? Does this difference have to do with contributions to the team versus rank? I just want a straight answer on the game max(that contributes to rank) to know if I can keep playing!
  11. Let's show our love for Shenkuu Go Team Ninjas ! :ph34r:
  12. HAUNTED WOODS!!! Welcome too the 2015/AC X Haunted Woods support thread! Here you can talk about how our team is doing or various things about the AC. You can also post your daily goals or your rank progress. Here we ghouls, ghosts, spooks, zombies and monsters can show our support for our favorite spooky team! There are only a few rules to follow when posting here though! 1. All TDN Forum rules apply here. 2. Anyone from any team can post here. 3. Have fun! 4. Don't eat the other teams or fans brains. GO HAUNTIES!
  13. It's been ages since the Altador plot. I was so excited to come back to Neopets after ten years to find an interesting, vaguely long-term plot available. I've actually been looking for a good fantasy rpg and Altador assuaged the adventurer in me. I'm in a bit of a neopets rut at the moment. Wouldn't it be great to have more plots like that? I know they must take a lot of work, but golly it was fun. Did I seriously just say golly? There is no excuse for that. But anyway, thoughts anyone? I think it might have been the highlight of my Neopets career. I would love more content like it.
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