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  1. Use this link to bring up the Classic Inventory: http://www.neopets.com/inventory.phtml/x The Classic Inventory pop up should appear and you should be able to do the Language Trick there. The best place to change back your language right now is probably the NC Mall.
  2. Hi, random lurker and DTI/JN Modeler here. The standby image for Summer Shine Candle Holders should be fixed now to represent its true color instead of green if you ever want to recreate and replace the image on the website's sidebar.
  3. Yes @ipod_frk. The Flash selection will be the most updated preview on Dress to Impress. Sometimes when there's a change of restrictions or occupations, DTI will catch on pretty quick when modeled. More information on that can be found on my buddy's page, Wearables Woes, and if you have anymore questions feel free to post on the Modeling Mayhem thread in Customization Chat, since I don't frequent the forum here much. ?
  4. Hi, random lurker and DTI/JN Modeler here. Items such as the Lupe Skywalker set, DW PTGs, and whatnot are arranged in the same or off-coloured previews in the standby is because DTI takes the "original" upload from the Neopets server. What you would usually see is the finished product when released on standby on the site, but how we gather that information digs in a bit deeper. There's no fix (or priority) for this on DTI, but yeah it's pretty neat what happens behind the curtains before the official upload.
  5. Here's a Battle Guide with TWR as a general reference. You have a pretty decent HP to take a hit or two and I would really recommend Cursed Elixir (~115k). Cursed Elixir is extremely useful more than just Hulking Wraith for low stat pets. Using with your stats, this is a step by step way with rough estimates not including his defensive equipment: Turn 1: Cobrall Utility Blade + Blazing Embers w/ Static Cling = 40-50 DMG Turn 2: Downsize! + Cursed Elixir w/ Static Cling = 24 DMG
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