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  1. If you ask me about hobbies and interests, here some of mine: Virtual pet sites - I used to be much more involved with them back in the early 2010s. Nowadays, I'm primarily active on Neopets though I may pop by Icepets and Eggcave on the off chance. Video and arcade games - Mainly vintage gaming these days rather than modern gaming. I used to actively collect games and accessories, but it has become much more expensive nowadays. Amiibo collecting - I was heavy on Amiibo collecting from 2014 to 2017, but currently on hiatus since I ran out of shelf space to display more Amiibo and various figures clawing up in price. Watching anime - I sadly haven't had much time to pencil in some anime since I got addicted to Neopets again. I will do so again real soon and I'll look into checking out manga and light novels some of my fave anime are based on down along the line. Cartoons and animation - Mainly older cartoons from the 2000s, 1990s, 1980s and back. There are handful of 2010s ones I do enjoy, but never around to checking out any of the super recent stuff. Same deal with anime with not finding proper time to binge on some cartoon shows. Listening to video game music - I don't necessarily listen to much proper music (no offense though). I generally listen to various video game soundtracks, but mainly from older games from the 90s and back rather than much newer ones. I'll update this post if I think of more hobbies, interests and pastimes I enjoy doing.
  2. Kyubey

    Social media

    To be honest, social media doesn't really benefit me much nowadays unlike almost a decade ago when I was more socially active. Twitter and Facebook are the ones I primarily use and like to keep available for those who want to keep in touch with me outside the forums. For Twitter, it's mainly for updates on various content creators I've followed within the past several years plus numerous other friends et al. For Facebook, I mainly use it nowadays for certain gaming-related groups and sometimes keeping in touch with friends I've met IRL and/or on various forums over the years when need be. Outside of Twitter and Facebook, I also have an account on Instagram though I never got the general appeal of it due to its newfangled (to me) interface, no offense though. I'm also on Minds and Votable though I mainly use those two as backups just in case things on Twitter get awry. Discord I mainly use for particular gaming-related servers these days, though I prefer IRC for atmosphere reasons. I formerly used Tumblr, but migrated to WordPress for my general blogging needs and the general atmosphere of it.
  3. Another pet all painted (thanks to an FFQ I got earlier today from an RE), customized, and ready to go! Meet Belzed!

    She is named after the main antagonist of the NES game KickMaster, one of the more fun Castlevania clones you likely never played.

  4. This one happened during Dice-A-Roo, which I was having abysmal luck with today, but I thank the Bank Skeith for giving back the money I lost to King Roo today: Flootenkerp found two large sums of Neopoints while I was playing Scorchy Slots today: When I was spinning the reels for the Scorchy Slots Jackpot or more Map Pieces, this happened: This quest above was fulfilled. Paid 8,222 NP for the Sunutek to give Naia, and I now have a Rainbow Fountain use courtesy of her. EDIT: Just used it on Belzed, a Kyrii on one of my sides and turned her Wraith. 30K NP and an FFQ from REs after crud luck from Dice-A-Roo, I'll humbly take it!
  5. Kyubey

    Ctrl-V Game

    A Ghostkerchief appears out of nowhere and approaches Flootenkerp! RUN AWAY! Wait... no. It just wants to be friends. Looks like a new Petpet is going home with you.
  6. Banned for having a mighty sleek user shop layout.
  7. ^ Congrats on the S.M.E.L.T. trophy Angeló! As for me, here's the newest additions to my trophy rack: Speedrunning is not my forte, but you literally have to speedrun if you want a trophy in Shenkuu Tangram.
  8. You carefully walk in and pick up a negg from the pile of treasure, and then scamper!! Purple Negg I know I've been beating the living daylights out of him in the Battledome for Frozen Neggs, though it's been a while since I snagged a Purple Negg (or even a regular Negg) from the Snowager while he's asleep.
  9. Kyubey

    Last to post wins!

    Score reset day is a very dangerous day. Ah heck, I got Silver in Neverending Boss Battle and Shenkuu Tangram today, so that's something.
  10. Revenge of the Second-Hand Shoppe finds also because why not? Sadly nothing crazy like in the past, but I'll take it. Oh, and these two from yesterday too.
  11. Happy August to everyone here too! Looking forward to Mutant Day here among all else. Here's the free foods my pets chose for this month. Only thing that was an odd choice was that Lime Milkshake by my Lab Rat, but some pretty decent choices otherwise.
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