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    The Runway Votes #88

    Angelo and Jellysundae explained #5 and #11 in their posts - #1 is a fairy tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, about a poor little girl who wanders the street of the city on New Years Eve, trying to sell matches. She`s freezing because she`s lost her shoes and only has a tattered dress on. Trying to warm herself, she strikes a match to warm her hands on the small flame, and with each match she strikes, she has a vision: One of a beautiful Christmas tree, one of a marvelous feast, and lastly she sees her grandmother who appears before her and takes the little girl with her to heaven. The story ends with people walking by, seeing the cold body of the girl sitting with the burnt matches in her hand. It`s a sad story! There are animated versions of the story available on YouTube. You can read it in English here: https://andersen.sdu.dk/vaerk/hersholt/TheLittleMatchGirl_e.html
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    Enter the Runway #89!

    If you're new to the contest, or simply want a reminder of the rules, they can be found right here. Current theme: Chombies! Description: Dress up a Chomby any way that you want. Entering period: Monday, October 28 - Sunday, November 3 Voting period: Monday November 4 - Sunday, November 10 I also just want to remind everyone that whenever the image DTI provides doesn't look as awesome as you'd like, it's always okay to send me a screenshot instead! I recently posted a guide about taking/sending screenshots. If anything is still unclear, or if you have any corrections/additions, please post in that thread, or let me know some other way. If you have any questions about this round or the Runway in general, just post them here, or send me a message. (Also: never hesitate to send me suggestions for future themes!)
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    Happy Korbat Day!

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    The Runway Votes #88

    Congratulations to the winners, a well deserved victory! ? And thank you very much to those who voted for me, it was a very inspiring and delightful round!
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    What's your Achievement today?

    im guessing that it uses an imported word bank, like most word-based games do (and then they added neopets-specific words). if its a word in an english dictionary, then it will probably be accepted. yes, topic. on it. not strictly a "today" achievement, but over the weekend i chased down some avatars i had been missing: capara, mortog smooch, must keep smiling, kelp, gormball, ghost krawk and taunt the pant devil. that is probably the most avatars gained in one day since the initial easy ones!
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    The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    The ray is fired at Oriana_Treewood... ... and she gains 3 movement points!!!! Oriana is a green Scorchio for a while now, but I don't mind it that much, at least she fits my Lab Ray items perfectly And, at least, she's not a specie that I don't fancy like Jetsam, Lenny or so... I think, if that happens, I rather morph her to another specie that has cheap potions options. Wouldn't it be funny if tomorrow she changes into a Jetsam or Lenny?
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    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 171!

    MWAHAHAHA My thought process paid off! Wheel of Mediocrity profits intensify for the next few days! ?
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    can I say I love how everyone's reply is so different :) really shows how pretty much every pet and variation has a fan. for me, my two favorite colors in general are magma and wraith. I've always liked neopets that looked more like, well, animals, or some sort of supernatural creatures. these styles (along with many others ofc) convey that feeling for me perfectly. so yeah, 2 of my 5 permanents are magma and 2 of them, a lupe and a gelert, are going to be wraith :) just need to save up for their multi-million NP brushes haha but it's a goal to work towards so it's all good!
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    I'm reviving this thread because I've just started thinking about this again! Four dream pets: 1. Faerie Eyrie. And guess what? I have one!! She started out Blue, I morphed her Faerie when I realized that prices had changed a lot since I was a wee'un, and I have not regretted it for a moment. She's probably my top dreamie, and her current custom/design is my favorite that I've ever done. 2. Brown Uni. It sounds boring, but the Brown Uni design is so appealingly... realistic? I feel like I could do almost any sort of custom on her - from ba warrior to flowery forest spirit - and she'd still look stunning. I'd also settle for White, but Brown is my dream-dream. She's currently Red, which is... well, it's a color. That's about all I have to say about that. 3. Transparent Peophin. Y'ALLLLL! This is my favorite transparent design. I have this sort of warrior-femme thing going on with my (Red) Peophin right now, and I would LOVE to see her become some sort of Transparent avenging elemental with glass skin and a giant sword. I guess I'm halfway there. 4. Halloween Kougra - I used to have a Kougra, way way back, but I don't know what happened to her!! I had transferred my old Peophin to a side and recently brought her back to my main, but I don't know what happened to my Kougra. I fear an accidental (... how?) abandonment occurred. Regardless, I am a sucker sucker sucker for black cats, so I would probably pee my pants for a Halloween Kougra. Can you imagine?? Runner-up is just about anything Woodland... Woodland Eyrie, Woodland Grundo, and Woodland Koi are imo some of the most beautiful designs the team has ever created. I guess I'm just a bit more attached to the "older" colors than anything else. This was a really fun topic to answer! Great idea!
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    this year, I was finally able to achieve one of my childhood dream pets, a baby kougra ❤️ other than that... always loved starry kaus & shoyrus & as an adult, I realized I just really love plushie & faerie painted pets


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