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    Enter The Runway #73!

    Me too! I haven't managed an entry so far myself, but I'm mildly hopeful that I might have success, I have the urge to stalk usul stuff on DTI at least, lol. My inappropriate for the forums idea didn't pan out anyway, not enough options available to complete it, but it made Nielo laugh so it served a purpose. ... HA! Ok, been inspired now, let's see if I can pull this off. *laughs quietly to self*
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    Avatars: What have you got?

    Since posting the last time, I have a few highlights: + Neopian Times Writer, Avatar Collector (: i'm so happy i hit it before 20 months, too, which i think is a pretty neat achievement neopian times star is the last avatar on my list before i decide to stop collecting actively, i think; from here i'll probably shift my focus to restocking to save up for another stamp avatar but i don't think i'll go for the last game/non-random avatars i need anytime soon
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    Vote For Your Favourite Pose Now!

    Huh, hopefully this outside the site stuff doesn't have anything to do with Overpowered...
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    Tarla's Toolbar Treasures

    Tarla's in! You won a prize: Ruby Sword
  5. 1 point
    19 hours later: my Kass Basher high score is still preserved. So if you want to be more cautious about messing around in advanced settings, replacing step 6 in Duma's quick guide with "in the popup change the 3 into 2" works as far as I can tell.
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    Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games.. I will be getting Lantern lit Tree (doesn`t look very jungle-y or tropical to me though) and Hair of Humidity. ? Not much else that really excited me about this machine, though a new batch of Wonderclaw stuff is always welcome.
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    My apologies, @jellysundae. Since you and Duma replied, I was just hoping to get confirmation from other Firefox users.
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    Happy Kacheek Day!

    The pastel is really cute, though I think the belly/tail colour is a bit too bright. But with customization I think you can really make it work. ? The outfit is nice and strange at the same time, I agree with what jellysundae said about that. I hate that the sweater and skirt have been made into a single item, so you can`t just wear the sweater. ? The plushies are adorable, especially the Baby one. Aww.
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    Trudy is starting to scare me...

    That's great that you got the background, it's so perfect for you.
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    Friday, February 8

    Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. sink 4. aaa 7. jellybeans 11. red 12. gympu 14. shed 15. mud Down: 1. pirate 3. koi 5. robot 6. orange 8. lamp 9. sarah 10. igloo 13. undo Which of the following fruits is not available in sand form? Answer: Ummagine Prize: 244 NP
  11. 1 point

    Vote For Your Favourite Pose Now!

    Outside the site.... ? Hmmm. Interesting very interesting. No TNT fix NEOPETS.COM first. I am sad i want an upright aisha rn! ?
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    Vote For Your Favourite Pose Now!

    I also voted for the second option because the first has the aisha's arms wearing the pants and I aint about that kinda life. The art on the first pose is different from how it currently wears tho and I do like seeing more of his face but they purposefully edited out his shirt sleeves to replace it with pants in picture 1 and that scares me.
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    Looks like a pickle with ketchup on it xD
  14. 1 point
    Well that's cute. *tucks away in SDB*
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    Neopies Y20 Begin!

    I "missed" one... except I didn't. I am sure it was a glitch. I was so annoyed when I woke up one morning and saw my previous day's vote was somehow gone. Anyway... were there prizes for all gold or no? Edit: just looked up the FAQ and saw the bonus background prize. I'd never have used it anyway, though the extra np from selling it would've been nice.
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    MONSTERA As in, big ol' swiss cheese plant. Thank you!! My little guy is actually showing up on DTI right this second, but as you say, the items aren't there yet, lol. ... I've just noticed the Hair of Humidity!!! That HAS to be inspired by Monica Geller when they went to the Caribbean. xD


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