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  2. I`m very happy about Illusen being featured in two of the prizes from the Staff Tournament prize shop, haha! I just play a few games to get a participation medal for my userlookup, I`ve never been into the AC event.
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  4. SO many good prizes this year! The Gaming Headset was an instant buy for me since I have a gaming theme pet and the fountain pen is B.E.A.U.Tiful despite only costing 1 point. Also......... Does this mean the Kiko Lake Team will stop stealing my stuff under the guise of "donations" (<.<) ( >.>) I mean, at least the Pant Devil is honest about blatant theft......
  5. I'd love to see a plot allowing Faerieland to return to the skies! It has fallen for over a decade now, and it doesn't really make sense if Fyora is THAT powerful... But I also love how earthy the current Faerieland is so I wish they'd keep a "ruins" like what they did in Maraqua (Too much imagination tonight lol) Ok back to the prizes, I love how most of them are animated this year!
  6. So it turns out that the 1st to 3rd place ranking description for Terror Mountain, Virtupets, and Maraqua on this year's trophies were erroneously copypasta'd from last year's AC. This clears up the AC XV trophy rank description error mystery. As early as sometime next week, TNT will be able to address this error and give these descriptions to the actual 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place title holders for this year's AC. Most likely another hindsight by the item colourists who liked the original colour scheme for Team Faerieland more than the current one for all I know. As for Faerieland returning up into higher atmospheres, only time will tell when TNT unleashes another plot involving Faerieland.
  7. The ray is fired at Critoh... ... and she gains 3 defence points!!!! Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  8. Btw wonder why they used the old colour pattern (purple+pink instead of pink+green) for the Team Faerieland Gym Bag A hint that Faerieland will soon rise back to the skies? Or just another mistake?
  9. SMUG (profile) 250 277 +27 19,000 285,000 5,263,000 +1,746.67% SMUG is still on the rise?! Thankfully I kept some, just to see if it'll do what it's doing now.
  10. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 3. drenched 4. ten 7. fyora 8. ruki 9. wurm 10. nova 11. ant 12. benny Down: 1. lenny 2. anshu 5. bikiwan 6. art 7. fortune 10. nine 13. nik What is the natural colour for a Urgoni? Answer: Red Prize: 333 NP
  11. Ghoul Catchers was an app, but it was discontinued earlier this year. It's not just Chrome. Flash will be completely removed from all browsers on December 31st of this year, so many browsers have already set things up in such a way that you will need to actively enable Flash if you want to play a game that still uses it. I personally haven't gotten any cookie notifications. Are you using any ad/tracker blockers? Maybe the ones I'm using have blocked that pop-up.
  12. I'm assuming Maraqua came in 3rd last year? It appears they used last year's coding (they seem to do this nearly every year and will probably fix it eventually), since Terror Mountain came in first last year, but my current trophy also says 1st Place, even though we came nowhere near the podium this year:
  13. today's zaps; The ray is fired at Movario... ... and he loses 3 strength points The ray is fired at Jepire... ... and she gains 5 maximum hit points!!!!
  14. The ray is fired at 16B... ... and she changes into a Green Ogrin!! Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. Pygui this is a very rare petpet that only comes from the Lunar Chart .. I think I'm gonna keep it (Yellow version is better than original red)Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  15. i guess if Kiko Lake can be the smallest team and still win, maybe the scoring DOES have to do with average of active players versus sandbagging from inactive players? Edit: Anyway, as far as prizes, i was hoping for a better paint brush, but it does make sense since Terror Mountain were last year's winners. Now i'm not sure if i want the PB or the Snow Yooyu. Def getting the Prytariel action figure and team-centric gear Edit 2: Already have a snow PB in my inventory so i guess that settles that decision. lol
  16. KIKO LAKE! First team to three-peat. I feel bad for Meridell though. They're usually one of the more consistently strong teams and this really seemed like their year. It also seems as though final rank was determined by bracket rank cuz thats how everyone fell down the line. I guess the initial round robin doesn't mean anything more than deciding which bracket a team falls into.
  17. I feed my pets 2/3 of the omelettes and then save them for charity corner, the amount you get for them b/c of their rating does not change.
  18. the cockroach motel is great, its basically a free buffet
  19. Welcome back Lit. A fair chunk of longtime Neopians and TDNForums users have been making a comeback of some type within the past few months. The name's D-Pad Doc, and I used to be real active here in the early 2010s, but I've been found lurking here time to time these days. If you need any help, just post a topic and either I or another fellow member can help get you out of that jam.
  20. I had a pet who was depressed. I took it to a concert and that helped plus what has already been mentioned.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Yes, I use Opera, but I can't figure out how to get Shockwave to work in Opera. Wow! 20,000 ads per page? I will look into uBlock Origin, thanks. It seems like something to try. Unfortunately it looks like my account has been frozen. So I can no longer worry about logging in to play games! (For anyone wondering - No, this happened before I was frozen.) I tried a bunch of different browsers to get Shockwave to work. Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Netscape. I am hoping that TNT gets *ALL* of the games converted to HTML5 eventually anyhow.
  23. Last time Darigan Citadel was in 4th place was in 2014. Here's hoping for a podium finish for next year. I maxed out in Yooyuball for all 22 non-break days of the cup plus played a mighty good chunk of the sidegames, and I ended up with roughly Triple All-Star and a half on my end. Next year if the time allows, I'll be going on overdrive for the duration of the AC.
  24. A 3rd place trophy, as in a bronze trophy? As of Altador Cup IX, the colour of the trophy the player receives is based on the player's general contribution and performance in the Altador Cup rather than the team they rooted for, which was the case for AC XI to XII where players that weren't in the top 3 teams for those cups got a wooden trophy which differed in appearance based on their efforts.
  25. I'm a little confused. I played for Maraqua this year, and we came in 9th, but I got a 3rd place trophy? Am I missing something?
  26. While I agree with the suggestions of trying a different browser (with this being the final version of IE, more and more things will inevitably stop working on it; speaking as a developer, testing if things still work in IE tends to have a very low priority), but perhaps it's related to the new beta version of Neopets, since they're moving from Flash to HTML5. It's possible you're not seeing that when you're not logged in. Not sure why it'd log you out though. But there's a small chance HTML5 isn't enabled in your browser, so if you really want to keep using IE, you could check if this is the case. This page shows which steps you need to take to enable it.
  27. I had a random event that made my pet depressed a while back. I kept playing with her over & over, but it finally worked. Just be patient & focus on one pet at a time . Good Luck!
  28. Yes you are allowed to trade multiple neocash items or gift box capsules for the value of said item(s).
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