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  2. You're welcome! It can be fun to do a puzzle when you haven't done one in a while.
  3. With only 4 hours left, okay THIEVES it is! Stealing is a life skill, right? The hardest part of a journey is to choose to make it. Dangers are greatest in the heart, where fear can magnify them.~ words of Wisdom from the Oracle
  4. It worked!! Thank You So Much omg
  5. ok, it took me a minute to remember how this thing works. I too had to redo the plot when i returned to neo, and remember some parts of it being extremely frustrating. Hang in there! You're almost done.
  6. And make sure you have a few shop wiz search windows open before you accept the quest!
  7. Can ANYONE see The Hunter in these?? I've been searching for hours, I have a pounding migraine, and I feel like quitting, but I've been through so much. This is my 2nd time completing the plot since my original account was deleted. Help?
  8. Coordinates are (715,146) (725,6) (835,86) (875,-44) (885,126) (915,146) Last two will be in reply to the thread, picture limit
  9. Yesterday
  10. This is cool, I didn't know this was a thing! *checks on JN* OH! It's a book, nice! EDIT Wow... so yeah, I clearly focused solely on the item and didn't even LOOK at the rest of the text, OR the picture of the RE, did I... 🤦‍♀️ 😅
  11. To open a cookie just click on them (in your inventory) and pick "Open Fortune Cookie" from the drop down menu. You'll get 1 faerie quest each day for 9 days in a row as long as you complete or abandon them every day. The faeries you get are completely random but you can get any and all faeries.
  12. Well that is not new is you just have lucky for all it also i have cookie I don't know i open it or no.😔
  13. oh wow thanks for reminding me of the discord channel. I've joined before but never actually hung out there to talk. gotta do that some time in the future, maybe during the advent calendar :) see probably you there soon, @Bingo
  14. @Yuiina I love them! And you managed to finish Joy after all! I think the dress you ended up using is definitely similar enough.
  15. Oh no, I'm sorry it took too long for your account to be approved! 😞 But she looks awesome! So, welcome to the forums, and hopefully the next round's theme will inspire you just as much!
  16. Hello there and welcome Absolutely loooove your Ariel Especially the detail of Flounder!
  17. I've only just joined the forum. I had wondered what the runway pictures on tdn were but never clicked on it until last week. I made Ariel from little mermaid but unfortunately my account wasn't approved in time to enter 😭 Hope you like her anyway https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1953830
  18. @Yuiina - Your Inside Out customizations look amazing, I love them all! You did a great job matching the colours!
  19. The ray is fired at gorila_virado... ... and she gains 2 strength points!!!! Silly Camouflaged "Kitty", why are you crying? You GAINED 2 strength points!
  20. Between the new pet slot and your Fountain Faerie Quest, you are in the enviable position of being able to create your dream pet right now. You are so lucky!
  21. The ray is fired at darkinvention... ... and she changes colour to Stealthy!! OMG :O :O These clothes are going with Oranum
  22. I think I finished my Inside Out customizations. I tried to make them as identical as possible... some I couldn't get as right as I wanted but I like them anyway! I hope you'll like them too. FEAR * Animation Link * DISGUST She was a bit difficult to finish. I thought "Well Disgust doesn't like disgusting things, so... she wants everything to be clean and pretty" so I end up with this: * Animation Link * ANGER JOY She was the most difficult, I couldn't find a similar dress for her. * Animation Link * BING BONG One of the things I love about this customization is that he has a candy shower (because he cries candies) * Animation Link *
  23. some suuuuuuper nice person was lending MSPP for free on the boards this morning and i got a lend! i was too excited to return it to him and missed the screenshot. BUT OH WELL. ANGELS DO EXIST.
  24. it's not new, she was always an option. you are very lucky though! i've opened like 4-5 cookies and only gotten one directly from her.
  25. Which is why you have to be very careful getting the Grarrl Warrior avatar.
  26. Fortune cookies definitely give a chance for a fountain faerie quest. I've gotten several over the years that way.
  27. Has the Fountain Fairy always given Fortune Cookie daily quests? I've had a couple times where the Grey Fairy gave a fountain reward, but two days ago got the Fountain Fairy directly.... and mistakenly thought she was a Water Fairly with an unusually expensive request, was only after I Abandon the quest occurred to me the image wasn't right. Today I got a second Fountain Quest. Is this new, or am I just lucky?
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